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Marlboro junior Ismar Campos placed sixth in the 55 hurdles in 7.89 seconds and Sutton sophomore Trent Baltzell cleared 6 feet, 1 inch to place sixth in the high jump.
The enema principle was reborn by the invention of colonic irrigation used by Professor Ismar of Berlin, but it didn't become popular.
In Prayer Matters ..., the chancellor emeritus of the Jewish Theological Seminary, Ismar Schorsch, makes a strong case for preserving and promoting the minyan, arguing that "You Can't Be Holy Alone."
The question of the German-Jewish predilection for Spanish-Jewish themes (also evident in 'Moorish style' synagogue architecture, which Krobb does not treat) is a fascinating one, and much of the previous work on the subject has been done by scholars of Jewish studies in Israel and in the United States, by the historians Ismar Schorsch and Yosef Yerushalmi, and by literary scholars such as Nitsa Ben-Ari, Na'ama Sheffi, and myself (Hans Otto Horch's study of German-Jewish literary criticism, Auf der Suche nach der judischen Erzkhlliteratur (Frankfurt a.
From reading this book, one can learn about the philosophy of the Hochschule and the scholars who taught there, including Sigmund Maybaum, Eduard Baneth, Ismar Elbogen, Julius Guttmann, and Leo Baeck.
Interestingly, Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary and a leader of Conservative Jews, spoke out against the war and, five days later, had the seminary's press office call news organizations and ask them to banish his remarks from the record.
Adventurous teenager Ismar Reich had far too many opportunities for adventure in Berlin during World War II.
"Nature is God's textbook, God's gift to existence," says Jewish theologian Ismar Schorsch.
Ismar Schorsch, chancellor of the Jewish Seminary, said the president's "moral authority" had been destroyed.