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Regarding the 'Gateway', the UPS ISMEA President stated it is a place where the company would handle all the company's volumes coming in and going out of the country.
The UPS ISMEA boss explained that the nature of his company's collaboration with TCS is commercial.
This research is compiled by ForlAbased Agroter, a publisher of Fruitnet partner Italiafruit News in collaboration with Ismea and Toluna.
The first step will be to undertake a fact finding research project in partnership with ISMEA, the public entity which supplies financial, insurance and IT services to farming businesses.
She now serves as the International Advertising and Communications Supervisor on the UPS International Communications Team, overseeing main regions: APAC, Europe, Americas, Canada and ISMEA. Juanita also serves as Communications Co-chair and Public Affairs Liason for 'Crecer' the Latino Business Resource Group at UPS.
In addition, the generally old age of most Italian olive growers (~41% of olive farms are managed by fanners >65 years of age; ISMEA 2013) makes them strongly tied to their horticultural background and not willing to change.
(Alvensleben R., 1998; Grunert, 2005; ISMEA, 2011; Balazs ,2012).
'L'economie de l'assistance dans la periode pre revolutionnaire', Cahiers de l 'ISMEA, Serie P.E.
The Italian import market is relatively small--around 1.5 miohl--and has been declining, shrinking by as much as a third this year according to figures from ISMEA, the national agriculture statistics body.