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ISMFInternational Student Media Festival
ISMFInteractive Storage Management Facility (mainframe management tool)
ISMFInstitutional and Sector Modernisation Facility (Damascus, Syria)
ISMFInternet Standard Management Framework (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol)
ISMFIn-Service Software Maintenance Facility
ISMFIntegrated Service Management Functions (Sprint)
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However, currently the researchers insist that a toolpath is one of the most important factors influencing the quality of the process in ISMF technology too [5, 6].
For Information about the ISMF fund, contact Compliance Director, Russell Denton at: compliance.
Key elements of the manufacturing restructure are (1) phasing out operations in Guadalajara, Mexico moving to Seremban, Malaysia, (2) transferring the 4-inch wafer line in Aizu, Japan to the 6-inch wafer line at the same facility, and (3) consolidating backend operations from ISMF in Seremban, Malaysia to Leshan, China.