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There appears, however, to be a widespread belief that online counseling is not the same as counseling in person because of the lack of nonverbal cues, such as eye contact, facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice, and that misunderstandings are possible (Bloom, 1997, 1998; Grohol, 1999b; ISMHO, 2000; Lee, 1998; Sussman, 1998).
The ISMHO was formed in 1997 to "promote the understanding, use and development of online communication, information and technology for the international mental health community" (ISMHO, 2000, p.
Grohol was the first president and a founding member of ISMHO. He has also written a series of online counseling articles on his Web site (called "Best Practices in E-Therapy") that have covered such ethical issues as legal and licensing issues (1999c), confidentiality (1999a), and defining the scope of online counseling (1999b, 2001).
* Reviewing the ethical statements from NASW, CSWE, APA, NBCC, and ISMHO regarding online practice.
The International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO), a group established by professionals providing online services, has also developed standards for practice and has actively fostered research initiatives for WebCounseling.
These organizations included groups such as Metanoia, ISMHO, Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web, HonCode, WebPsych Partners, and HealthLinks.