ISMNInternational Standard Music Number (sheet music)
ISMNIsosorbide Mononitrate
ISMNIstituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati (Italian)
ISMNInternational Sorghum and Millets Newsletter (agriculture)
ISMNInter-Stage Matching Network (amplifier)
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The national president of ISMN, Dr Emman Oyeka, stated that the conference was designed to discuss innovative ways to address the economic challenges facing the country, adding, 'we need outside the box ideas that will radically improve our economy.'
However, the topology graph constructed in this paper shows that the ISMN composed of the nodes we selected is not scale free.
Currently, combined therapies, such as NSBBs and ISMN or prazosin, are used in prevention of first variceal bleed and rebleeding (Bosch et al., 2008).
The ISMN is a unique, permanent, and internationally recognized reference number for the identification of printed music publications.
The International ISMN Agency is situated in Berlin and coordinates the work of currently 57 agencies all over the world, the newest member being Malta.
The National Library of Australia has been operating the Australian International Standard Music Number (ISMN) Agency since 2001.
ISMN is also a nice four-letter-word, and good company with ISBN and ISSN.
Citations include publishers' numbers or plate numbers, ISBN, and ISMN, where available.
Some news from the International ISMN Agency: The next Annual General Meeting will take place in September 2014 in Istanbul by kind invitation of the Turkish ISMN agency which belongs to the Ministry of Culture.
The ISMN agency began its work in Lithuania only in 1994, but even after that date, some publishers did not register music scores through the ISMN agency.
20 years ago, the Prussian Cultural Foundation in Berlin signed a contract with the International Standards Organization to establish the International ISMN Agency at the State Library in Berlin.
Score ISMN M-55003103-6, M97A 1995/1999, 18 [euro] (orchestral parts 70 [euro]).