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ISMPInstitute for Safe Medication Practices
ISMPISF (Information Strike Force) Service Management Plan
ISMPIntegrated System Management Processor
ISMPInstallShield MultiPlatform
ISMPInformation Security Management Program
ISMPInternational Society of Meeting Planners
ISMPInformation Security Management Practice
ISMPIntegrated Systems Management Processor
ISMPInformation Services Market Place
ISMPInternational Society of Marine Painters, Inc. (Puryear, TN)
ISMPInternational Software Metrics Symposium
ISMPIrrigation Systems Management Project
ISMPInternational Security Master Plan
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Neighbourhood Pharmacies has worked closely with ISMP and PHS to provide member organizations with the handout to enable quality patient care and outcomes.
El listado de medicamentos de "Alta Alerta", propuesto por el ISMP (2) como medicamentos que presentan mayor riesgo de causar danos significativos en los pacientes, se acompana de la recomendacion de establecer estrategias para identificar estos medicamentos en las instituciones, con el fin de disminuir los riesgos en su uso.
ISMP Canada incorporates learning from incidents such as those described above into its self-assessment programs, to facilitate enhancement of medication-use systems.
Nurses should be encouraged to check medication dosages with another nurse (Grandell-Niemi et al 2005; ISMP 2005; Joanna Briggs Institute 2005; Hodgkinson et al 2006; Mulloney and Moloney-Harmon 2006), avoid distractions (Capriotti 2004; Grandell-Niemi et al 2005) and not rush (ISMP 2005).
Updating current practice standards began with a small task force of the HFMEA team conducting a systematic review of FHS procedures as compared to the ISMP comprehensive PCA safety checklist.
The IOM and ISMP, two national groups intimately involved in health care issues, refer to bad behaviors as intimidation ranging from subtle to explicit threatening behavior, including condescending language to verbal abuse to threatening body language.
ISMP said that overall, there were a record number of serious injuries reported in the first quarter: 20,745 cases.
This prompted ISMP to look closely at all the Chantix-related adverse-event reports the FDA received since the drug's approval in 2006.
ISMP convened a national forum of stakeholders in spring 2007 to help fill the void.
In the web page titled, ISMP Self-Assessment click on the link, Bar Coding Assessment.
I was very pleased that the author used appropriate abbreviations and introduced the readers to ISMP and other groups that are working to make the medical profession safer.