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ISNDIdd Al Sharqi North Dome (Qatar oil field)
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ISND was producing 12,000 b/d in July 1994, when Oxy got a 25-year EPSA.
8.5 [CSND.sup.k=2.sub.i(2x1)] = [R'.sub.12(2x2)] * [ISND.sub.i(2x1)] for the first two ISND values, [CSND.sup.k=10.sub.i(2x1)] = [R'.sub.12(2x2)] * [ISND.sub.i(2x1)] for the last two ISND values.
Recently, Occidental Petroleum of Qatar and Qatar Petroleum agreed on the Phase 5 field development plan for the Idd El Shargi North Dome field (ISND) offshore Qatar.
Occidental is Qatar's second largest offshore oil producer, where it operates Idd El Shargi North Dome (ISND), Idd El Shargi South Dome (ISSD), and Al Rayyan (Block 12).
Idd al-Shargi North Dome (ISND), Shell's first discovery in Qatar in May 1960 and on stream since 1964, lies 95 km east of the peninsula's northern tip in 105 ft of water.
Another example is the giant Idd El Shargi North Dome (ISND) field in Qatar.
Through deployment of 2B1Q, ISND will be implemented from the ground up as well as from the top down.
Occidental Petroleum (Qatar), a unit of Oxy, was the first IOC to sign an EPSA in July 1994 for EOR-based operations on a producing field: the offshore Idd al-Shargi North Dome (ISND), where output had fallen to less than 20,000 b/d.
ISND was only producing 12,000 b/d in July 1994, when Oxy and Energy Minister Attiyah signed a 25-year EPSA.
QP - Occidental - Idd El Shargi North Dome (ISND) Oil Field Development Phase 3, Unknown, Oil Field Development, Feasibility Study.