ISNSInternational Society for Neo-Natal Screening
ISNSInternet Storage Name Service
ISNSInternet Server Name Service
ISNSInternet Storage Name Server
ISNSIntegrated Shipboard Network System
ISNSInside Science News Service (email digest)
ISNSInternational Society of Neuro-Semantics (Clifton, CO)
ISNSInertial Satellite Navigation System
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In the early part of the 20th century when colleges in the region admitted few women and often treated them as second class citizens, ISNS offered a female-friendly environment.
By 1913, she was enrolled in ISNS to study to be a teacher.
For almost forty years Leonard had been greeting new students as they entered ISNS.
The information from RCOH's network must be transferred from each RCOH computer to an ISNS computer through portable Network Attached Storage (NASs).
The challenge is that our division must scan and filter through the data in our network to avoid compromising any classified information when transferring to ISNS," said Chief Warrant Officer 2 James Ferguson, TR's Information Assurance manager.
Afloat users will be provided services by the Integrated Shipboard Network System, ISNS, and its follow-on, the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES).
As you know, the ISNS is the shipboard local area network and the heartbeat of network operations.
Assets identified to remain outside of the Navy's enterprise networks (NMCI, ISNS, One-Net) by CARS must have a legitimate reason and are granted an "excepted network" status.
The Department of the Navy is ramping up the number of people working on NGEN, working on the requirements and trying to sort out how this network will connect and knit together the ONE-NET networks, the ISNS (Integrated Shipboard Network System), parts of the MCEN (Marine Corps Enterprise Network) and the NMCI.
N6 is making sure that ISNS and CENTRIX-M networks provide increased capability to meet documented warfighter requirements such as the Automatic Information System and the Global Command and Control System-Maritime.