ISO 9003

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ISO 9003Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance in Final Inspection and Test
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The ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 quality assurance standards are described in Table I.
Good Start Denver Instrument obtained ISO 9003 registration in 1993, which allowed them to quickly meet their immediate competitive marketing needs.
ISO 9003 deals only with final inspection and test of a delivered product and therefore has limited application.
Standard Description Relevant Industries ISO 9000 Guidelines for selection All industries including and use software development ISO 9001 Quality assurance in Engineering, construction design/development manufacturers that design, production, installation develop, produce, install and and servicing service products ISO 9002 Quality assurance in Many process industries and production and installation companies not involved in product design ISO 9003 Quality assurance in Small shops, divisions within final inspection and test an organization or equipment distributors that inspect and test supplied products ISO 9004 Quality inspection and All industries, including quality system elements service companies Source: Grant Thornton Survey of American Manufacturers Annual Report/ISO 9000
The company has received the ISO 9003, an international citation for quality, and is currently being audited for the much tougher ISO 9002 standards.
Finally, ISO 9003 certification is most appropriate for companies that only inspect and test products.
ISO 9003 is the model for quality assurance in final inspection and test; it is the least comprehensive standard addressing the detection and control of problems during final inspection and test.
Recently Suwelack announced ISO 9003 certification for its process and quality control systems--one of the first companies on the continent to receive such a designation
The basic set includes ISO 9000, the overview document; ISO 9001, covering design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing; ISO 9002, on production and installation; ISO 9003, regarding final product inspection and testing; and ISO 90004, on quality management systems.
Respondents were asked to indicate whether their company is (1) ISO 9001 certified; (2) ISO 9002 certified; (3) ISO 9003 certified; (4) no certificates but preparing to certify in two years; (5) not interested in ISO certification.