ISO 9660

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ISO 9660Standard for CD-ROM file system
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ISO 9660 is the modified replacement of High Sierra.
With CD-ROM, there is no such unified specification for the data and file system (a CD-ROM doesn't have to use ISO 9660, and there are many closely related formats such as CD-I).
ISO 9660 CD-ROM Standard, Mac HFS, hybrid CDROMs with both HFS and ISO 9660 images, CD-ROM XA and generic CD-ROMs are supported.
With SmartCD, users can seamlessly access terabytes of information stored on DVD-ROM and UDF and ISO 9660 standard DVD discs.
The titles in the Directory are called CD-ROM and multimedia to cover not just ISO 9660 CD-ROM discs, but all types of optical discs used for data.
The ISO 9660 standard is MS-DOS oriented and does not address UNIX' more complex file system and frequent use of longer file names.
This step (known as ISO 9660 formatting) does involve a sizable overhead of more than 13 megabytes, but you can easily send a 200- to 300-MB file to a client for testing.