ISO 9660

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ISO 9660Standard for CD-ROM file system
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The ISO 9660 is a good format choice for DOS-only or cross-platform CD-ROMs.
With CD-ROM, there is no such unified specification for the data and file system (a CD-ROM doesn't have to use ISO 9660, and there are many closely related formats such as CD-I).
It is compatible with High Sieffa, ISO 9660, HFS-MAC, Rock Ridge, and Extensions CD-ROM format standards and will work with Windows.
The ISO 9660 standard is MS-DOS oriented and does not address UNIX' more complex file system and frequent use of longer file names.
This step (known as ISO 9660 formatting) does involve a sizable overhead of more than 13 megabytes, but you can easily send a 200- to 300-MB file to a client for testing.
The Intersect CDR-36M supports High Sierra, ISO 9660 and Macintosh HFS file formats.
ISO 9660 Level 1 Support: Because Smart Storage's variable packet writing approach supports the ISO 9660 Level 1 standard, CDs created using this format are accessible across all operating systems and on any standard CD-ROM drive.
These systems support a variety of formats including Audio (Red Book), Mixed Mode, Enhanced CD (CD Plus), Hi Sierra, ISO 9660, Apple HFS, hybrids (shared files), dual partition (non-shared files), ISO Rockridge, and UFS.