ISOAIntercollegiate Soccer Officials Association
ISOAInstrument Society of America (now International Society of Automation)
ISOAInstitute for the Study of the Americas
ISOAInterjurisdictional Support Orders Act (family law)
ISOAits successors or assigns (legal)
ISOAIn Search Of Apollo (UK band)
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Since its founding as a private foundation by the Lauder family in 1998, ISOA has awarded $22.
ISOA is a biomedical venture philanthropy whose mission is to catalyze and fund the discovery and development of new therapies to prevent and treat cognitive aging and Alzheimer's disease.
The greatest collective revenue and profit impact for ISOA and INDEX is expected in the fourth quarter, when most of their trade shows are held.
The seasonality of the ISOA and INDEX trade show events were the most significant factors affecting EBITDA for the quarter.
Founded in 1975, ISOA will continue to operate from its Baltimore offices.
Participating in the project with Tencor are a major optics and microscopy manufacturer, which will provide defect review stations for imaging the defects, and ISOA, a Texas software company, which will provide defect characterization algorithms for the classification software.
Kathleen Hennessey, president of ISOA, said the SEMATECH project is the culmination of almost a decade of knowledge-based vision systems research by a dedicated team of computer scientists and semiconductor engineers.