ISOCARPInternational Society of City and Regional Planners
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"The ISOCARP award is a recognition by the international professional community of Strelka KB's methodology and approaches to urban development by the international professional community," Denis Leontiev remarked.
The main features of ISOCARP are high quality, excellent energy saving, opportunity of investment recovery in a short time and highly flexible capacity/speed.
The session saw interventions from the Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia, the World Bank, ISOCARP, Cities Footprint Project, San Diego State University, UN Habitat, and was moderated by Yunus Arikan of ICLEI.
(2006a), "Analyzing the Retail Structure Change of Izmir-Turkey: Integrative and Disintegrative Aspects of Large-Scale Retail Developments," 42nd ISOCARP Congress, Istanbul, September 14-18.
Summary: Plan Al Ain 2030 Wins the Coveted 2009 ISOCARP
(1) Urban Growth without Sprawl, 44th Isocarp Congress, sepfiembre de 2008.
Paper presented at the 41st ISoCaRP Congress, Bilbao, 19th October.
Many key players participated in this event, to name a few: Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Public Works Authority 'Ashghal', Parsons, Energy City Qatar, Cracknell, The Qur'anic Botanic Garden, Qatar Green Building Council, Richer Environments Qatar, Isocarp, College of Engineering - Qatar University and University of Wisconsin, Marinette.
The discourse took place in the sidelines of the 52nd annual congress of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) which was held in Durban, South Africa, earlier this month under the theme, Cities we have vs.
(2008), 'The Effects of Urban Sprawl on Spatial Fragmentation and Social Segregation in Istanbul', 44th ISOCARP Congress, Dalian, China.