ISOCARPInternational Society of City and Regional Planners
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The main features of ISOCARP are high quality, excellent energy saving, opportunity of investment recovery in a short time and highly flexible capacity/speed.
The session saw interventions from the Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia, the World Bank, ISOCARP, Cities Footprint Project, San Diego State University, UN Habitat, and was moderated by Yunus Arikan of ICLEI.
Plan Al Ain 2030, the urban structure framework plan for Al Ain city, created by Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), the agency responsible for the future of Abu Dhabi's urban environment, has been awarded the highly acclaimed 2009 ISOCARP Award for Excellence.
The International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) Awards for Excellence are conferred in recognition of exceptional innovative urban and regional initiatives that best expressed the theme of the 45th ISOCARP World Congress on "Low Carbon Cities" held last month in Porto, Portugal.
The ISOCARP Award for Excellence is beyond doubt one of the most significant global recognitions in the realm of urban planning.
ISOCARP is a global, non-governmental organisation, a network of professional planners, recognised by the United Nations, UNESCO and the Council of Europe.
The ISOCARP Awards for Excellence intend to stimulate and promote innovative spatial projects (urban and/ or regional), successfully elaborated and/ or implemented by local, regional, national authorities or other institutions and thus improving natural and built environment, quality of life and cultural development.
The 2009 ISOCARP Excellence Awards have been conferred to organisations in three categories of planning levels: district planning/urban design; urban/city planning; and strategic/regional planning.
As the largest international gathering of urban planners, ISOCARP brings together diverse professionals for multiple days of workshops, presentations and discussions on contemporary topics related to urban and territorial planning.
At the Habitat III Conference, ISOCARP will be hosting a side event discussing Smart Cities in the New Urban Agenda.
Haluk was an ISOCARP member for more than forty years.
44th ISOCARP Congress Dalian, China: Congress Papers-Introductory Reports Short Outlines.