ISOCSInternational School of Central Switzerland (Cham, Switzerland)
ISOCSInternational Symposium on the Organic Chemistry of Sulfur
ISOCSIn Situ Object Counting System
ISOCSIndian Society of Cacti & Succulents (India)
ISOCSInternational Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing
ISOCSInternet Sports Official's Calendar & Scheduling
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Similarly, one of the leaders of the sophisticated 2006 plot to use liquid explosives to blow up transatlantic airliners was Abdulla Ahmed Ali, a graduate of London's City University, of whose ISoc he had been president.
(13) During this period, the university's ISoc, which was led by mainly UK-born, South Asian-origin Salafists, created an atmosphere in which extremism could, and did, flourish.
The hard line Salafi-jihadi ideology propagated by City University's ISoc had immediate effects on campus.
For instance, although the ISoc's repeated promotion of extremism has undoubtedly increased the chances of terrorism, the police or the security services could do little to intervene as no laws were broken.
Enter a class at ISOCS, and you'll be greeted with engaged and smiling faces.
ISOCS supports student involvement in local clubs on Wednesday afternoons.
At ISOCS we believe in nurturing the skills and attributes that will help our students succeed throughout life, wherever their lives may lead.
If you can imagine how your child would benefit personally from the numerous advantages ISOCS affords its students, you can learn more at or make an appointment to tour the school with the director, Jacqueline Webb, by calling 041 781 4444.
Some of the ISOC's responsibilities include providing services to the Navy's Commercial Broadband Satellite Program, managing transport components for AFRTS and many iDirect networks for different companies and government agencies.
At this point in my training cycle I am a fully functioning member of the ISOC. I take trouble calls, work on trouble tickets and help manage many of our services.
Like all AltaChrome sensors, the A337x-4T series boasts a low-power 20-bit iSoC architecture with 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), high-sensitivity 4T pixels with wide exposure latitude, and low power consumption.
While the sensor's iSoC operations are fully programmable and can thereby deliver high quality when specifically tuned for an application, our design methodology also seamlessly embeds customer-driven features that further enhance sensor versatility and performance in next-generation cameras."