ISOGInternet Society of Ghana
ISOGInternational Satellite Operators Group
ISOGInternational Security Operations Group (Panama)
ISOGIntelligence Security Operations Group (Philippines)
ISOGInternational Society of Gavans
ISOGInvestigations Security Observations Group, Inc. (Raymondville, TX)
ISOGInternational Workshop on Scientific Instruments and Sensors on the Grid
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ISOG members, World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) broadcast members from around the world will participate in four days of educational sessions, networking, and demonstrations.
The Fall meeting is the latest in a series of ISOG conferences that have been held since 1984; ISOG moves the biannual event from region to region in order to make it geographically convenient to attendees.
Dick Tauber, VP, Satellites and Circuits at CNN and ISOG Chair, explains, "We feel our organization provides an important function for WBU members and other broadcasters throughout the world.
Eddy Frankland, SES AMERICOM's Vice President for Broadcast Services, agrees, "As a frequent participant in ISOG meetings, I can attest that ISOG provides a unique and important function to the broadcast industry.
All throughout the ceremony, the parents wore bulletproof vests and were escorted by ISOG forces and members of the Volunteers against Crime and Corruption.