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ISOLIsolated (weather forecast)
ISOLIsotope Separator on Line
ISOLIn Situ Oligo Ligation
ISOLIllegitimate Sons of Liberty (band)
ISOLInformation Systems and Organisational Learning (Waterford Institute of Technology; Waterford, Ireland)
ISOLIntegrated Services Over Low-Speed Serial Links
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The sensing DMOS, which also serves as a low-side switch, is in an on state at the time of a current measurement, and the solenoid current, Isol, is converted to the voltage with the on-resistance, Ron (I/V conversion).
Based in the centre of Beirut, ISOL is an independent provider of production and news gathering services operating its own fleet of vehicles and fly-aways.
Leaving the town of Trakai and into the national park, the roads we take become dirt tracks through forests and strips of farmland, dotted wi th isol ated wooden farmsteads.
Two facet scores can also be obtained: Parties and friends (Parties, 9 items) and Isolation intolerance (Isol, 8 items).
Many of the training tasks in the new ISOL and ISM courses will center on Joint Network Node and Information Dissemination Management tasks.
Radioactive beams are usually produced by one of two different methods--the isotope separation on-line (ISOL) method and the projectile fragmentation approach.
Welfare reform was not an isol ated event, Katz contends.
I set out to find pairs of words (such as ISOL.ATED and SOLI.DATE) in which the letters of the first half of the first word, rearranged, form the letters of the first half of the second word; and the letters of the second half of the first word, rearranged, form the letters of the second half of the second word.
After recharging both accumulators with the HYD ISOL ORIDE switch, I emergency-extended the refueling probe.
With his conventional forces smashed and isol ated in Luzon by a tightening US Navy blockade -- prevented from importing foreign arms and shifting reinforcements or exercising any real control over subordinates in the provinces -- Aguinaldo belatedly resorted to irregular warfare.