ISOOInformation Security Oversight Office (US)
ISOOInternational Society of Ocular Oncology (Philadelphia, PA)
ISOOInternational Society of Online Ophthalmologists
ISOOInternational Organization for Standardization Online
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John Fitzpatrick, the current ISOO director, said Reuters had correctly identified all the governing rules but said it would be inappropriate for his office to take a stance on Clinton's emails, in part because he did not know the context in which the information was given.
Bosanko, former director of ISOO, often senses "there is anxiety about, is somebody going to get locked up.
O 13526, Part 5, the ISOO is responsible for issuing the directives necessary to implement the executive order, and for reviewing agencies' compliance therewith.
Additionally, the CUI office within ISOO provided the task force with substantial staff support.
DOJ said it did not have staff resources to address other shortcomings in its training and oversight activities that ISOO recommended it correct.
The ISOO figured that the government spent some $4.
The group includes senior government security officials from the State and Justice departments, the military services, NSA, CIA, NRO, OPM, Energy, DIA, DoD, ISOO, FEMA, and the White House Military Office.
But Steven Garfinkel, head of the ISOO, acknowledged in a recent statement to the Senate Government Operations Committee that "the number of national security clearances among executive branch employees far exceeds the number of employees who require access to classified information to do their jobs.
ISOO found that declassification has dramatically slowed, to 75 million pages in fiscal 2000 from 127 million in fiscal 1999.
The ISOO estimates that five to ten percent of those decisions involved documents that should not have been classified.
But Steven Garfinkel, director of the ISOO under presidents Reagan and Bush, tried to discount such fears.
The ISOO said : 'The IC costs comprise 16 percent of the total government costs, an order of magnitude roughly equivalent to that of past years when the IC cost estimates were reported but not disclosed in the top-line figure'