ISOPInternational Student Orientation Program (various schools)
ISOPInternational School of Paphos (Paphos, Cyprus)
ISOPInternational Society of Pharmacovigilance
ISOPIncentive Stock Option Plan
ISOPInternational Society of Protistologists
ISOPInfantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (Denver, CO)
ISOPInvitation to Submit Outline Proposals (procurement term)
ISOPInsurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
ISOPInternational Strategic Opportunities Program (Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation)
ISOPInternational Symposium on Photochromism (conference)
ISOPIrredundant Sum-Of-Products
ISOPInternational Seismological Observing Period
ISOPInternational Society of Ophthalmic Pathologists
ISOPIT Standards Oversight Panel
ISOPInternal Standard Operating Procedure(s)
ISOPInternational Series of Poker (various locations)
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BG: ISOP has been very privileged to have dedicated members who are interested in giving back to the community.
Por sus contactos con el ISOP, en los anos cincuenta el personal del COJ se nutrio de los aportes de Mariana Alvin que trabajo con Carl Rogers en Estados Unidos.
The ISOP 2010 plan follows a programme of co-investment of the top 41 managers of the company, which was fully subscribed in May 2010.
1) Establish a public or quasi-public Capital Credit Reinsurance Corporation (or encourage private insurance companies to perform this function) to insure banks, insurance companies, and other lenders who finance loans to Capital Homestead Accounts (CHAs) and similar credit mechanisms, such as the ESOP, ISOP, CSOP and CIC.
During our Week of Giving this past fall, we were thrilled to be joined by Fire Commissioner Sawyer in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, where ISOP members volunteered to install smoke detectors in residents' homes.
The post ISOP pupils at the Presidential Palace appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
To achieve ISOP targets, an experienced team of Cascade Energy engineers and technicians will visit participating utility customers to identify low- and no-cost opportunities for electric energy savings.
ISOP Celebrates Examination Success and Scholarships
Establishing this award through the ISOP is another approach to this support and an effort to foster competition in the advancement of organ preservation.
With their high accuracy, ISOP models help designers avoid pessimistic timing strategies, such as guard-banding, and exploit the full performance potential of nanometer process technologies.
SiliconSmart models enable designers to tackle the troublesome ISOP model challenges, such as instance-specific IR drop and across-chip temperature variation.
Callan Carpenter, Silicon Metrics president and CEO, said, "SiliconSmart OMC's ISOP models accurately represent factors that affect chip performance, such as on-chip voltage variations (IR drops) and significant temperature gradients, and provide this information directly to OLA-enabled design tools for further analysis.