ISOPREPIsolated Personnel Report (DoD)
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The system would electronically replace the current paper-and-ink files, called ISOPREP (ISOlated Personnel REPort), maintained for all military personnel entering high-risk areas and used for verification in a rescue mission if an individual is shot down or otherwise separated from his or her unit.
According to Major John Whisenhunt of the Joint Services Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Agency, known as JSSA, the digitized version of the ISOPREP would, if successful, provide better file maintenance and security, as well as faster transmission from home base to the theater of operations.
The SENSE Holdings ISOPREP 1833 software captures and validates all required data for the form.
Sense Holdings has combined a Biometric Fingerprint reader, Signature recognition pad, USB Digital Camera, and Sense Holdings custom ISOPREP software and is offering the "ISO-TRACK(TM)" SYSTEM for Sale.
The PR cell accesses the ISOPREP data from the national database and passes the Soldiers' descriptions and authentication data to the Stryker company commander who relays it to his company leaders.
We had a call-sign, but we did not have any survivor data or any ISOPREP information.