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ISOSIP (Internet Protocol) Service Operating System
ISOSIn Search of Sunrise (Dj Tiesto song)
ISOSIllinois Secretary of State
ISOSIowa Secretary of State (Des Moines, IA)
ISOSIn Search Of Space
ISOSInspection Service Operation Support (US Postal Service)
ISOSIntercall Switch Operating System
ISOSInstitute for State Organisational Sciences (Vietnam)
ISOSInvitation to Submit Outline Solution (UK)
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21, 2000, Merlo exercised ISOs to purchase 46,125 shares of Exodus common stock at 20 cents per share, for a total exercise price of $9,225.
Compared with employee stock purchase plans qualifying under section 423 and other tax-qualified plan arrangements, however, ISOs offer greater flexibility because they are not subject to minimum participation and nondiscrimination rules.
According to recent polls, many executives of mid-size manufacturers are still either unaware of ISO 9000 implications or think it will have no impact on their companies.
Stock acquired through the exercise of an ISO cannot be disposed of until at least two years after the option is granted or one year after the stock is transferred to the employee.
An ISO grants employees a right to buy stock at market price on the option's grant date.
Congressman Sam Johnson has taken a critically important step in addressing the unintended and unjust effects on hardworking Americans caused by the current ISO AMT tax provisions," stated Tim Carlson, President of the Coalition for Tax Fairness.
The question of whether to issue NQOs or ISOs requires a look at the tax consequences to both the executive and the company.
Yesterday's court decision ruled the IRS did not abuse its discretion in refusing to accept the Speltzes' offer in compromise regarding their ISO AMT tax liability - 220% of their entire taxable income and eleven times the typical tax rate for their income level - meaning the IRS can enforce its lien and the Speltzes will have to pay yet more tax on unrealized income.
CTF Will Work to Rectify AMT's Most Harmful ISO Provisions and Implement Relief for Taxpayers Paying Up to 300-400 Percent Taxes on Unrealized Income
Peter Young had been asked by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to mediate discussions among ISO New England, its counterparts, and other interested parties in the Northeast on how to form an RTO that would create a single power market.
Today, ISO New England delivered a letter to the Chairman and Commissioners of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), enclosing a report concerning its proposed comprehensive wholesale market program that combines salient features of the PJM market model with elements of its own existing wholesale market design.