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ISOTInternational Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
ISOTInternational Symposium on Olfaction and Taste
ISOTInternational School of Theology
ISOTIsland in the Sea of Time (Stephen Michael Stirling novel)
ISOTIn Search of Truth
ISOTIndiana Stirring Oxidation Test
ISOTInternational Society of Therapists
ISOTIntegrated Satellite Operations Trainer (US DoD)
ISOTIndian Society for Organ Transplantation
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The government has requested TNA to participate in the deliberations of the parliamentary select committee which is not yet formed because TNA isot giving names," the Lankan Foreign Minister added .
Participants performed four standing isometric (ISOM) and isotonic (ISOT) heel raises with the knee extended, at three load conditions: 100% of 1RM ([ISOM.sub.MAX], [ISOT.sub.MAX]), 75% of 1RM ([ISOM.sub.submax], [ISOT.sub.submax]), and an unloaded bodyweight condition ([ISOM.sub.BW], [ISOT.sub.BW]).
A proof-of-concept prototype made its debut at the 22nd International Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo (ISOT) on 6th - 8th July.
In contrast to Magee, Scruton addresses in considerable detail both the literary work on which the opera is based, Gottfried von Strassburg's Tristan und Isot, and Wagner's music.
Shanghai, July 3, 2008 - (JCN Newswire) - Global e-Commerce leader is pleased to announce plans to participate in the International Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo (ISOT) 2008.
As concluded in [Corollary 1, [4]], ISOT (G, *) [congruent to] [S.sub.n] x [S.sub.n] x [S.sub.n].
II 2890 [+ o -] 51781 [+ o -] 65 (costeiro) Sitio Intervalo de N de amostra Idade calc mais antiga e mais recente Moraes (fluvial) 6777-6665 KIA15561 KIA 20844 Piacaguera (costeiro) 5909 a 5330 Isot. I-4481 Isot.