ISOTECIn-Situ Oxidative Technologies
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Following the initial offering Sigma-Aldrich expects to distribute all of these materials through its ISOTEC Stable Isotopes product line.
Bougneres e colaboradores (1997) utilizou o aparelho ISOTEC para verificar medidas de glicerol.
Isotec Corporation, Sales Department, Plainview, NY
The [sup.15]N-biuret ([C.sub.2][H.sub.5][sup.15][N.sub.3][O.sub.2]), which was labelled in all 3 N atoms with an isotopic enrichment of 99 atom% [sup.15]N abundance, was purchased from ISOTEC, USA.
This spring, In-Situ Oxidative Technologies (ISOTEC) learned that lesson when it was granted a contract to use its advanced environmental engineering technology to clean up contaminated groundwater in a former Department of Defense site located in California.
The area has lost thousands of jobs during the economic downturn, including 900 when Gateway closed and hundreds more at Aer Lingus, Tellabas, Solectron, Fujitsu and Isotec.
Interstate Paper INX International Ink Company Iogen Corporation Isotec International Isowa North America Inc.
At 0600 h on 5 May and 9 August 1999, KN[O.sub.3] containing 98.5 atom % [sup.15]N (obtained from Isotec, Miamisburg, OH) was applied in solution to each plot at a rate of 4.88 g N [m.sup.-2] (equivalent to 49 kg N [ha.sup.-1]) using a polyethylene wash bottle.
Louis, MO 63146 Toll Free: (800)331-6661 Fax: (800)999-9925 Circle 2096 on reader service card Stable Isotec, Inc.
He created Executone Network in 1988 through the merger of Isotec Communications, Vodavi Communications, and Contel Executone.
Louis, Missouri) except 15N-labeled (99.9 atom %) KN[O.sub.3], which was purchased from Isotec (Lot number QW3572; Miamisburg, Ohio).