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ISPInternet Service Provider (most common)
ISPIn-System Programmable
ISPInternational Studies and Programs
ISPInternational Specialty Products
ISPIndependent Study Project
ISPIndiana State Police
ISPInformation Service Provider
ISPSpecific Impulse
ISPInstitute of Sales Promotion
ISPIdaho State Police
ISPIronwood State Prison (California)
ISPInstitut Scientifique de Santé Publique (Belgium)
ISPInternational Security Program
ISPInstituto de Salud Publica (Chile equivalent to US FDA)
ISPInformation Security and Privacy (International Conference)
ISPInternet Solution Provider
ISPImage Signal Processor
ISPInterface Segregation Principle
ISPInternational Standardized Profile
ISPInside Plant (telephone)
ISPIntensive Supervision Probation
ISPInternational Security Policy
ISPIn-System Programmability
ISPInstruction Set Processor
ISPInformation Support Plan (US DoD)
ISPInstitute of Store Planners
ISPInfrastructure Service Provider
ISPInvisibl Skratch Piklz (scratch DJs)
ISPInstitut Supérieur Pédagogique (French)
ISPInformation Sharing Protocol (NASA TCP/IP protocol used to distribute telemetry)
ISPInstitute of Semiconductor Physics (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
ISPIntegrated Support Plan
ISPInformation Strategy Plan
ISPIntensive Supervised Probation (form of probation in corrections/criminal justice)
ISPIndustry Specialization Program (IRS)
ISPInterrupt Status Port
ISPInternational Settlements Policy
ISPIncentive Special Pay (US DoD)
ISPIncome Security Program (Canada)
ISPIncorporated Society of Planters
ISPInternational Service Program
ISPIndigenous Sport Program (Australia)
ISPInformation Strategic Plan
ISPIn Store Processor
ISPInitial Science Plan
ISPIntegrated Survey Program
ISPIntegrated System Peripheral
ISPImplementation Support Plan
ISPIntelligence Support Plan
ISPInternational Standard Problem
ISPImage Synthesis Processor
ISPInstitute for Shock Physics (Washington State University)
ISPInternational Society of Photogrammetry
ISPInstitutional Strategy Paper
ISPIsrael Seed Partners
ISPIncentive Savings Plan
ISPInitial Science Program (IAI)
ISPIntermediate Service Part
ISPInscribed Signed Photo (autograph collectors)
ISPInteractive String Processor
ISPInfirmiers de Secteur Psychiatrique
ISPIndex of Social Position
ISPIslip, NY, USA - Long Island-Macarthur Airport (Airport Code)
ISPInter-American Strategy for Participation
ISPInternational Signaling Point
ISPInner Strength Points (Palladium Games)
ISPIndependent Solutions Provider
ISPInitial State Probability
ISPInternational Service Personnel
ISPIsolator Surge Protector
ISPInternet Selective Polling
ISPInfinity Science Press (Hingham, MA)
ISPISDN Security Program
ISPInteractive Session Protocol
ISPIndustrial Solid Propulsion Inc
ISPInverse Source Problem
ISPInstallation Strategic Plan (US Army)
ISPInstallation Security Plan
ISPIdentification Safety Point
ISPIntegrated Services Panel
ISPIndexed Sequential Processor
ISPInitial Spare Parts
ISPInput Signal Processing
ISPIrish Society of Periodontology
ISPInvoluntary Separation Plan (HR term for layoff)
ISPInterim Support Program
ISPInterleaving Scenario Pattern
ISPInterim Support Period
ISPInsensitive Munitions Policy
ISPIntelligence Situation Report
ISPISDN Signal Processor
ISPInteroperability Support Program
ISPIntegrated Systems Processor (OH-58D Helicopter)
ISPInternational Society of Postmasters
ISPInterlock Status Panel
ISPInitial Screening Process (various locations)
ISPIndividual Service Plan
ISPIndependent Service Provider
ISPInstituto Superior Politecnico (São Tomé and Príncipe university)
ISPIntegrating Sphere (optical engineering)
ISPIndividual Service Provider
ISPIntelligent Signal Processing
ISPIllinois State Police
ISPInformation Systems Plan
ISPInformation Systems Professional (Canadian Information Processing Society)
ISPInfrared Spectrophotometer
ISPIndividual Study Plan (various schools)
ISPIndependent Study Program
ISPInvitation to Submit Proposals
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At the end of 2000, 10 backbone providers generated 92 percent of all wholesale ISP revenues.
If the FBI or any other government agency attempts to or succeeds in gaining access to all user traffic information on the ISP, will the ISP inform its users?
I never seriously considered using AOL because the word of mouth on it was pretty negative,'' said Victoria Alexander, an Escondido advertising copywriter who uses MGC Communications, a local telecom operator, as her ISP.
May Taxpayers Rely on ISP Coordinated Issue Papers?
With the File Preserver program, ISPs can offer subscribers the security of protecting digital assets from all types of data loss - from a hard drive crash to a natural disaster destroying their home - at a secure, off-site location.
Feedback from ISPs concludes that there is a continued growth in the frequency and magnitude of multi-gigabit, supra backbone DDoS attacks.
ISP-Market LLC is a marketing consulting firm focused exclusively on helping technology companies understand, communicate with, and sell to the ISP and Enterprise IT communities.
The company also announced a beta program for the MX Logic Sender Reputation Gateway (SRG), carrier-grade software designed specifically to provide ISPs with intelligence on outbound email abuse and individual sender reputation and behavior.
com, a Midwest ISP, adds, "Our subscribers are able to take advantage of highly valuable services like Internet call waiting and real-time call screening and transfer through co-branded CallWave software.
to sell the PSID blended security solution to hundreds of ISPs that provide Internet connectivity to millions of users.
ISPCON, the leading event for wired and wireless ISPs, today released details of keynotes, educational sessions and open forum meetings focused on revealing the realities of WiMAX(TM) for attendees of the biannual Internet service provider convention.
Strategic moves and emerging opportunities for ISPs and WISPs to differentiate their services will be outlined, discussed and debated during the three-day event.