ISP2Implantation Serine Proteinase Gene
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(17.) SUR estimates for the remaining indices ISP2, ISP3, and ISP4 are qualitatively very similar with only minor variations and are not shown in the paper.
A code of three letters and one number was assigned for each strain: the first letter of S and W refers, respectively, to the sediment or water origin of the strain; the second letter corresponds to the isolation pond: T (for TS18 pond) and M (for M1 pond); the third letter designates the isolation medium: B (for Bennett medium), G (for GTY medium), Bg (Bergey's medium), C (for CM medium), S (for SCA medium), and I (for ISP2 medium).
Mild diffusible yellow and brick red coloured pigments were observed in ISP2 and ISP3 agar plates, respectively.
La velocidad de crecimiento de las cepas seleccionadas se determino mediante la tecnica de peso seco a partir de una fermentacion discontinua en erlenmeyer de 1000 ml, con 200 ml de medio liquido ISP2 suplementado con mercurio (0,01 y 0,05 mM de HgCl2) en agitacion constante (250 rpm) a 28[grados]C, tomando alicuotas de 10 ml cada 24 h durante 8 dias.
Este se dejo crecer en caldo inductor de polimero ISP2 y RM5.
VoIP transmission system parameters VoIP packet size 74 B (G.729 codec with 20 ms payload) Data transmission 1) 256 Kb/s [right arrow] rate over ISP1 [[mu].sub.1.sup.(1)] = 442.8 pack./s channel 2) 512 Kb/s [right arrow] [[mu].sub.1.sup.(2)] = 855.6 pack./s 3) 768 Kb/s [right arrow] [[mu].sub.1.sup.(3)] = 1328.4 pack./s Data transmission 1) 768 Kb/s [right arrow] rate over ISP2 [[mu].sub.1.sup.2(1)] = 1328.4 pack./s channel 2) 512 Kb/s [right arrow] [[mu].sub.1.sup.2(2)] = 855.6 pack./s 3) 256 Kb/s [right arrow] [[mu].sub.1.sup.2(3)] = 442.8 pack./s Buffer size 4 KB [right arrow] K = 55 pack.
The modified Bennett's Broth medium (ISP2) that consisted of (g/l): yeast extracts 4; malt extract 10 and dextrose 10 (pH 7.3) was inoculated with the identified Streptomyces strain and incubated at 30[degrees]C, under shacking conditions (200 rpm).
KGG32; was inoculated in ISP2 medium that was used for development of inoculums.