ISPAIInternet Service Providers Association of India
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ISPAI have taken the responsibility of hosting SANOG every year in different different part of our country, to bring youth and technical at par with best International expertise by workshop and tutorials during the session.
ispai - / ispi/- < *[sph.sub.1]-oi - / *[sph.sub.1] -i-, see EDHIL 403f.
Sarma also met a delegation from industry body, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Ficci), Cellular Operators Association of India ( COAI), Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India ( AUSPI) and Internet Service Providers Association of India ( ISPAI) that raised the regulators' proposals with their different views.
29 -- This week, the world's foremost networking engineers and researchers, business leaders, and government and intergovernmental representatives will gather for APNIC 33 and APRICOT 2012 for a week of practical workshops and conference sessions, hosted by NIXI and ISPAI in New Delhi.
New Delhi, Nov 19 (ANI/Business Wire India): World's largest internet congregation formed by the United Nations Secretary-General - Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in alliance with Department of Information Technology (DIT), National Internet exchange of India (NIXI) - supported by ISPAI and major corporates like Sify, BSNL, Tata Communications and STPI is set to begin its third meeting from December 3rd - 6th at the Hyderabad International Conference Centre (HICC), Hyderabad.
ISPAI president Rajesh Chharia stated, "This is an attack on user's privacy.
The ISPAI study detailed 5,102 reports from internet users who thought material was illegal.
"If internet service providers opt for the UL, then the cost of internet and broadband services will go up," said Rajesh Charia, President of Internet Service Provider Association of India (ISPAI).
It found the appalling material - reported to the ISPAI - significantly increased since the last study in July 2003.
Paul Durrant of ISPAI said: "We must play our part to ensure our own doorstep is kept clean, if everyone did that, we would have a pretty clean internet street."
The Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) believes if the UN forms a body for governance the Internet, then it should distance itself from the content-related issues.