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The ISPA judges were particularly impressed with Storm Internet's case study which showed exactly how businesses can rely on their cloud provider, with IPv6 support and additional RIPE addresses in particular getting the judge's attention.
This award makes for an ISPA hat trick for Storm Internet after winning "Best SME business host" at the 2013 awards and more recently "Best Dedicated host" at the 2014 awards.
Middlesbrough-based Onyx Group, which has 50 staff and a pounds 7m turnover, landed the best business data host prize at the UK Internet Industry Awards, which are organised by ISPA.
"This is the first time that Onyx has been listed for an ISPA since its formation, and it reflects the quality of the hosting service that the group provides."
While the Fern Ridge closure has been a hardship for some sailors, Ispas said he doesn't miss the shallow, dirty waters much.
Mr Neil Smith, defending Ispas, said she came to Britain legally to work as an au-pair in London but came to work in Birmingham earlier this year.
The CAM system, for example, sets the toolpath and executes precision machine operations based on the imported design.(Ispas et al., 2008)
The resulting integrated CAD/CAM system then takes the computer-generated design, and feeds it directly into the manufacturing system;(Ispas et al., 2004) the design is then converted into multiple computer-controlled processes, such as drilling or milling.
It could operate with tools and tools library (Ispas et al., 2007).
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