ISPATInvestment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey
ISPATIodized Salt Program Assessment Tool
ISPATIsotopic Staphylococcal Protein A Test
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Speaking during the annual MIPIM (Le marche international des professionnels de l'immobilier) real estate professionals' event in Cannes, France, Avcy also noted that $3 billion of the FDI to Turkey in 2013 was in the real estate sector, maintaining that Turkey has great potential in that sector and that ISPAT is working on increasing FDI inflow to that area.
It also served to strengthen the productive partnership between the chamber and ISPAT and improve their services to their respective members.
Back then ISPAT said it would invest pounds 30million as part of a Government deal which saw Irish Steel's debts written off and pounds 20.
Turkey has attracted $125 billion in FDI since 2002 and ISPAT is working to enhance this figure via its 20 promotion offices in 15 countries.
We look forward to working with ISPAT in the future and are confident that Sharjah and Turkey will both reap the exceeding benefits of this agreement.
According to the deal, Sberbank and Eximbank will provide financial support of up to $1 billion in next three years to Turkish exporters operating in target markets of both banks and ISPAT.
Former director of Irish ISPAT, Niall Welch, has put forward the idea of opening a casino and leisure facility on the vacated premises.
ISPAT will be staging roadshows in Singapore and Malaysia beginning this week, to be followed by events in Germany and the UK.
The ISPAT team also held one-on-one meetings with the executives of Japan's leading multinational companies.
Ayci said, drawing attention to the close cooperation of ISPAT with one of the key associations of Spain's business community, Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) with whom ISPAT inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last April.
Participating in KOIF 2013 with Korean-speaking staff, ISPAT staged a seminar at its stand to brief attendees on Turkey's investment climate, incentives and business opportunities.