ISPCSInternational Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (La Cruces, NM)
ISPCSIEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization
ISPCSIsrael Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies (est. 1971)
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Despite the significance of the phenomenon of ISS insufficient attention is paid to the dimensions of ISPCS. Focusing on the same deficiency the researchers tried to develop more understanding of ISS in the context of EFL classroom.
To identify EFL male and female teachers' patterns of ISPCS in the EFL classrooms
How can ISPCS verify the choice of male and female teachers in the discourse of EFL classrooms
The study was delimited to explore and analyze the ISPCS related to EFL classroom discourse to explore the gender based trends of this kind of ISS.
The researchers found some obstacles during the analysis of ISPCS. Some of the teachers' utterances overlapped with intra-sentential patterns of code mixing (here in after ISPCM) and had dual implications for more than one utterance.
And it was difficult to determine whether the teachers switched their code for ISPCM or ISPCS. It caused trouble to the researchers during the analysis of the data and to sort out this problem the researchers set the definition of romaine as a yardstick to differentiate between these two closely connected patterns of switches.
In the following sections the selected representative examples of the teachers' ISPCS are presented to determine the trends between male and female teachers.
In the following excerpts representative examples are taken from transcription No.2 to highlight the examples of ISPCS:
In this session female teacherNo.1 provided many examples of ISPCS related to classroom discourse.
The representative examples indicate that ISPCS were used by the teachers in the EFL classrooms to accomplish different functions.