ISPECInformation Security Practice and Experience Conference
ISPECInternational Space Physics Educational Consortium
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Traditionally, serum has been dispensed from small dip-tube bottles or dropper bottles, explains Chuck Lee, president, ISPEC, Inc.
In addition to heat transfer label printing, ISPEC also offers other sophisticated techniques such as vacuum metallizing.
"Heavy wall packages also offer superb retention and protection of formulas in the packages," Lee continues, noting that ISPEC can also add a UV inhibitor for increased protection.
[6] Y.Li, W.Wu and L.Zhang, "Integral Attacks on Reduced-round ARIA Block Cipher," ISPEC, LNCS, Vol.
He served as TPC co-chair of ISPEC 2009 and IAS 2009, general co-chair of e-forensic 2010, ProvSec 2011, and ISC 2011.
First, stock packaging saves time, so there is a lead time consideration," says Chuck Lee, president, ISPEC, Inc.
ISPEC's Lee says they're currently working on a battery-operated rotating brush.
The novel design of 3D cipher also attracts some research interests: in 2010, Tang et al proposed a 6-round impossible differential of 3D cipher and attack 9-round 3D cipher [10], then later in ISPEC 2011, Jorge launched a 10-round impossible differential attack by using new 6-round distinguisher of 3D cipher [15], and Takuma et al presented 11- and 13-round attacks on 3D with the truncated differential cryptanalysis in [16], now is approved to be the best attack on 3D.
He served as technique committee co-chairs of ISPEC 2009 and IAS 2009.