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ISPFInteractive System Productivity Facility
ISPFIstituto per la Storia del Pensiero Filosofico e Scientifico Moderno (Italian)
ISPFInteractive System Programming Facility
ISPFInternet Service Providers Forum
ISPFIncremental Shortest Path First
ISPFInformation System Project File
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Abbreviations ISPF: iatrogenic subarachnoid pleural fistula CT: computed tomography MRI: magnetic resonance imaging.
We present the proposed algorithm, ISPF that is to be used for mining incremental temporal association rule, in the form of pseudo code as below.
The efficacy of algorithm ISPF is tested by a given case study.
To alleviate this issue, our proposed ISPF algorithm is used.
Presented by: Chris Roerig, Using the ISPF. Baseline
They in their paper on "Role of Segment Progressive Filter in Dynamic Data mining' have introduced the Incremental Standing method for Segment Progressive Filter (ISPF) that can support the database update and mine updated datasets.
The traditional user interface to mainframe environments is through a 3270 terminal and IBM's Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF), a non- intuitive interface that can be hard to learn.