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ISPIInternational Society for Performance Improvement
ISPIInternational Society for Pest Information (Germany)
ISPIInternational Standard Party Identifier (media content identification system)
ISPIInstitute for the Study of Privacy Issues (Canada; est. 1997)
ISPIInternational Strategy and Policy Institute (est. 1994; Chicago, IL)
ISPIIllinois State Psychiatric Institute (Chicago, IL)
ISPIIntegrated Systems Processes and Infrastructure
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This implies that owning an interest in a UTP that provides services to an LTP is susceptible to ISPI characterization, even though the LTP does not, itself, own specified assets.
Robins, Philip (2007), "Between the EU and the Middle East: Turkish Foreign Policy under the JDP Government, 2002-2007", in ISPI (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale) Working Paper -11, [www.
Co-published with ISPI (Instituto per gli Studi di Politica Internationaloze, part of a network of think tanks).
We developed the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator, or ISPI, to help companies leverage the natural innovation strengths of their people.
ISPI, an association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace, conducted the third-party evaluation, based on JetBlue certification program's alignment to a set of industry standards and code of ethics.
Net taxable loss for the year would be allowed as ordinary loss only to the extent of previously taxed net income of an ISPI for all prior partnership years.
lt;<Obama's Nuclear Security Summit and the International Non-Proliferation Regime, ISPI Policy Brief, no.
1937); Andre Carrazzoni, Getulio Vargas (Padova: CEDAM, 1941); y Roberto Cantalupo, Brasile Euroamericano (Milano: ISPI, 1941).
Valeria Talbot, Investigadora, Programa para el Mediterraneo y el Medio Oriente, ISPI.
ISPI may improve on this approach, as it enlists patients' specialized defensive cells and sensitizes them to the patient's specific tumor characteristics.
The adoption of other standards within the music industry, such as the ISPI (International Standard Party Identifier, proposed ISO standard 27729), the MWLI (Musical Works License Identifier), and potentially the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) loom on the horizon.
In the context of our paper we consider that a specific ISPI is chosen for use at a specific ISD project.