ISPIMInternational Society of Professional Innovation Management
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The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans has been imaged by iSPIM on a flat sample chamber every 2 seconds for 14 hours of embryogenesis, without any signs of phototoxicity (Wu et al., 2011).
Innovation and Woman Entrerpreneurship: Analyzing Data from a Survey in Greece', 17th ISPIM Annual Conference (International Society for Professional Innovation Management), Athens, June.
Academics, business leaders, consultants, and other professionals in innovation management will gather for the 1st ISPIM Innovation Symposium: Managing Innovation in a Connected World to connect individuals worldwide with themed sessions, interactive workshops, and discussion panels.
* Professional management of innovation: The 2004 edition of the conference of the international society for the professional management of innovation (ISPIM) will take place in Oslo, Norway, from June 20 to 24.
Paper presented at the XXV ISPIM Conference--Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society.
Abbreviations: CCCP, carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenyl hydrazine: CMOS, complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor; diSPIM, dual-view, inverted, selective plane illumination microscopy: FOV: field of view; GFP, green fluorescent protein: iSPIM, inverted selective plane illumination microscopy: LSFM, light-sheet fluorescence microscopy; MEMS.
Conference proccedings The XXIII ISPIM Conference--Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience--in Barcelona, Spain on 17-20 June 2012.
A cross-cultural perspective", XXth International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conference, The Future of Innovation, Vienna, Austria.
FALLAH (2006b): "A methodology to improve the mobile diffusion forecasting: the case of Greece", Proc'of the "Networks for Innovations", ISPIM June, Athens, Greece.