ISPSPInternational States Parliament for Safety and Peace (Italy)
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Therefore, iSCat, iSQ3D, iSPsp and iSFem are associated to CATIA, Q3D extractor, Orcad/Pspice and Ansys WB by means of PyCAT, PyQ3D, PyPsp and PyFem respectively.
The optimizing process is performed in the following order: firstly, iSIGHT runs iSCat which updates CatModel with new geometric parameters chosen by iSIGHT, according to an optimizing algorithm, and a new STEP file is generated; secondly, iSQ3D is executed to generate a new Q3DPspNet; thirdly, iSPsp updates PspModel and generates new power losses; and Finally, iSFem uses the new STEP file and the new power losses to update FemModel and generates new temperatures.