ISPTItem Sold per Transaction (retail metric)
ISPTIntegral Scientist Periodic Table (software)
ISPTIndustry Superannuation Property Trust (Australia)
ISPTInternational Society of Professional Trackers
ISPTInstituto Superiore Poste e Telecommunicazioni (Italian Superior Institute for Post and Telecomunications)
ISPTIntelligence Support Processing Tool
ISPTIssue Source Processing Time
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This can gradually improve the ISPT. Subsequently, the better SLPT will lead to a decrease in ADCT, and the decrease of 7GRC will result in a smaller AC.
(c) CCT and ISPT are increased with the increase of TCCF, so it will alleviate the traffic congestion to some degree, but the effects are still limited.
(38) SLPT = WITH LOOKUP (ISPT, ([(0,0) - (180,1)], (5,0.2), (10,0.3), (15,0.4), (20,0.5), (30,0.6), (40, 0.65), (60, 0.75), (80, 0.8), (100, 0.85), (150, 0.95))).
On the other hand, although ISPT comprehensively addresses bioinformatics pipelines, (4,26,27) it is limited to this component of NGS testing and thus is an approach to augment traditional analyte-specific and MBPT programs rather than replace them.
It is important to note that the results we report from our study of a model ISPT have some limitations.
However, the ISPT approach presents its own technical and logistical issues.
In conclusion, the results of our model system indicate that ISPT is a feasible approach to create sequence files containing mixtures of variants that mimic the complexity of clinical samples, and that these simulated sequence files can be used as a type of MBPT to challenge bioinformatics pipelines of amplification-based NGS of oncology specimens.
With no node(s) failure presented in the ISPT network, all data is successfully delivered from source to sink, but what happens when some random nodes fail; this certainly affects the ISPT performance.
If the received status report says that the child is healthy, e.g., its battery is still working; the parent continues to use the ISPT spreading paths.
** All ISPT and PRM paths are pre-established but used when they'd be needed.
The simulation work has extensively investigated the performance of the ISPT spreading and the PRM spreading in face of nodes failures for different [x.sub.diff], [y.sub.diff] cases in all of the six contour shapes.
The proposed PRM spreading scheme must not introduce an excessive overhead to the average latency AL, mean jitter J, and average throughput TP metrics in comparison with the ISPT spreading scheme into both even and odd [xy.sub.diff] and under varying number of hops between source and sink.