ISQInstitut de la Statistique du Québec
ISQInstituto de Soldadura e Qualidade
ISQInternational Studies Quarterly
ISQImplant Stability Quotient (level of osseointegration in dental implants)
ISQIndependent Schools Queensland (Australia)
ISQInformation Standards Quarterly (National Information Standards Organization)
ISQIndicators of School Quality
ISQIsrael Society for Quality
ISQInnovation Situation Questionnaire (Ideation International Inc.)
ISQIn Status Quo
ISQInfecciones del Sitio Quirúrgico
ISQInterrupt Status Queue
ISQInternational System of Quantities
ISQIndian Society for Quality (New Delhi, India)
ISQIndian Standard Square Bar (steel construction)
ISQICMP Source Quench
ISQIndividual Sleeping Quarters (Montana Canvas tent)
ISQInsomnia Symptom Questionnaire
ISQInternet Software Quality
ISQIP Subnet Quarantine (Lockdown Networks)
ISQIndex of Scientific Quality
ISQInternet Safety Quotient
ISQInter-Sélect Québec Inc.
ISQInstruction State Queue
ISQInterpersonal Skills Questionnaire
ISQInvestment Skill Quotient
ISQinternational stability quotient
ISQIsraeli Society for Quality
ISQImplementazione Sistemi Qualità
ISQInherent Soil Quality
ISQIndonesia Submergence Quotient
ISQIntellectual Styles Questionnaire
ISQIncontinence Screening Questionnaire
ISQInvertebrate Soil Quality
ISQIsrael Short Questionary
ISQInterpersonal Schema Questionnaire
ISQSchoolcraft County Airport, Manistique, Michigan, USA (FAA airport code)
ISQIranian Society for Quality
ISQInner Strength Questionnaire
ISQInformation Security Quotient
ISQImprove Service Quality
ISQInformation System Questioning
ISQInformation Satisfaction Questionnaire
ISQInstructional Satisfaction Questionnaire
ISQinitial security questionnaire
ISQIndividual Statement Question
ISQIntegrated Systems Queensland (Australia)
ISQInformation System Questionnaire
ISQInternational School of Qingdao (China)
ISQInternational Students Quarters (Defense Language Institute English Language Center)
ISQInstitute for Corporate Strategies and Quality
ISQIn-Session Questionnaire
ISQIncremental Sales Quota
ISQIntelliQuest Space Quiz
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As part of the transaction, ISQ Global Infrastructure Fund II has acquired TFC's extensive pipeline of investment opportunities that it will actively pursue in the coming period.
The ISQ is a 13-item self-reported questionnaire to identify Insomnia [11] which is based on the criteria laid down by the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-IV for primary insomnia which are consistent with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM's) research diagnostic criteria.
There were no statistically significant differences between the first and second measures of the ISQ values of the control and study groups (p> 0.05) (Table 3).
In addition to optional features that can be selected at purchase and the W&H Osstell ISQ module, which can also be retrofitted, the new wireless foot control offers even greater flexibility and convenience.
(10.) Quebec, Institut de la statistique du Quebec (ISQ), Annuaire quebecois des statistiques sur le travail, 1, no 1 (Quebec 2005), 129.
The proposed framework aims to introduce the scale based approach with SVTrN-numbers for evaluating ISQ. The proposed framework consists of four phases as the follows:
There was no statistical difference between intial implant stability and insertion torque and ISQ value after 3 months.
(3) Institut de la Statistique du Quebec, Enquete sur l'utilisation, les besoins et les preferences des families en matiere de services de garde (Quebec City: ISQ, 2011).
The gas chromatography analysis was performed using a Thermo Scientific Trace 1300 gas chromatograph (GC) coupled with a Thermo Scientific ISQ Single Quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS) with an AI-1310 autosampler equipped with a RTX-65 TG capillary column (15 m x 0.25 mm x 0.1 [micro]m).
Caracteristicas de laboratorio prequirurgicas y complicaciones postquirurgicas entre los grupos Grupo 1 Leucocitos 7,76 (DE [+ o -] 2,1) x 109 x L Neutrofilos 60,7 (DE [+ o -] 11,8) Tiempo 58,7 (DE [+ o -] 14,8) quirurgico (min) Complicaciones 10 (11,4%) (total) ISQ 4 (4,5%) Seroma 2 (2,3%) Fistula biliar 0 (0,0%) Sindrome Post- 0 (0,0%) colecistectomia Sangrado 4 (4,5%) Grupo 2 P Leucocitos 9,35 (DE [+ o -] 3,1) 0,001 x 109 x L Neutrofilos 67,5 (DE [+ o -] 13,5) 0,002 Tiempo 69,5 (DE [+ o -] 27,3) 0,009 quirurgico (min) Complicaciones 8 (14,3%) 0,423 (total) ISQ 4 (7,1%) 0,234 Seroma 0 (0,0%) 0,653 Fistula biliar 1 (1,8%) 0,541 Sindrome Post- 1 (1,8%) 0,675 colecistectomia Sangrado 2 (3,6%) 0,452 Fuente: Archivo clinico HGZ No.
With the obtained threshold, two-dimensional greyscale image slices were transferred from original ISQ file and stored in the form of TIFF images and local iterative fitting method was used for 3-D reconstruction.
We extracted data on herpes zoster-related consultations and hospitalisations, hospitalisations separately, and deaths from three provincial administrative databases: RAMQ (Regie de l'Assurance Maladie du Quebec), MED-ECHO (Maintenance et Exploitation des Donnees pour l'Etude de la Clientele Hospitaliere), and ISQ (Institut de la statistique du Quebec).