ISQAInformation Systems and Quantitative Analysis
ISQAInternational Service Quality Association (New York)
ISQAInternational Star for Quality Award (bead manufacturing)
ISQAIndependent Software Quality Assessment
ISQAIndependent Software Quality Assurance
ISQAin status quo ante (Latin: the way things used to be)
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Isoquinoline alkaloids (ISQAs)--nitrogen containing secondary metabolites derived from the two amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine--are the largest group of natural products.
Even if ISQAs comprise a variety of chemical structures with difierent levels of oxygenation, additional rings, and substituents, their basic skeleton always contains an isoquinoline moiety or a tetrahydroisoquinoline ring [4].
ISQAs may be divided into eight subgroups, four of which were evaluated in the presented study: protoberberines (which account for 25% of all ISQAs), aporphines, benzophenanthridines, and benzylisoquinolines [4, 6].
Based on the well-established applications in traditional medicine and a variety of ISQAs confirmed in their extracts, several Berberidaceae and Papaveraceae representatives have been selected for the purpose of this study.
The aim of this manuscript is to carefully design the operation parameters of a high-resolution mass spectrometer, LC-ESI-Q-TOF-MS, such as fragmentation energies, gas flows and temperatures, skimmer voltage, and nebulizer pressure, to deliver high-accuracy qualitative and quantitative data for the determination of ISQAs in plant materials.
Dr Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk, director of GHID and Mulk Healthcare Division, received the coveted ISQA at a ceremony organised by Business Initiative Directions (BID) at the BID International Quality Convention in Geneva, Switzerland recently.
El ISQA emplea el producto de la temperatura por la sumatoria de los valores obtenidos mediante ecuaciones que transforman las concentraciones de DQO, solidos suspendidos, oxigeno disuelto y conductividad en un numero adimensional, tal como lo hacen otros ICA.
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