ISQIInternational Software Quality Institute (Potsdam, Germany)
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Over the next few days, imbus Canada Corporation and iSQI will deliver highly acclaimed certification courses and exams in live and electronic format.
Sammy Kolluru, President of imbus Canada Corporation is delighted to announce this partnership which will help imbus Canada Corporation and iSQI to expand its training and exam portfolios to the software testing communities in Canada.
During the meeting, Isqi informed Al Haj about the formation of the organizing committee of the upcoming championship, which also serves as a qualifier for next year's World Championship.
Isqi also briefed Al Haj on the sports gyms that will host the championship as well as the training sessions and the needed equipment in order to occupy these venues before the start of this international event.
The ISQI team, which was composed of three core members plus a larger set of interested parties, used its Team Room the most extensively, posting a total of 238 messages.
The following example demonstrates this cooperative act around the design of a TQM training course by the ISQI team: "Here is a first shot at a course outline.
The results of the survey are available on
ISQI is a private auditing agency, which carries out surveys and tests on behalf of the Ministry of Industries.
ISQI conducts monthly quality and safety tests on behalf of the Ministry of Industry.
Ashkan Golpayegani, the ISQI chief says, "By Now Ruz, production of vehicles that fail to earn at least two stars in the ISQI ranking will be halted," reported.
Nayereh Piroozbakht said, "ISQI and Iran's Automotive Policymaking Council have devised new automotive standards and given a two-year ultimatum to automakers to comply with the standards," the website Persian Khodro reported.
The quality indices are determined by ISQI (Iran Standard & Quality Inspection)."