ISQOLSInternational Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
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'Understanding high happiness in Latin America: there is more to life than income' was the paper of ISQOLS president Mariano Rojas, an economist from Costa Rica.
Social Weather Stations, a regular ISQOLS participant, had two papers: 'Monitoring quality of governance in the Philippines from the public's lens, 1986-2016' and 'Public opinion of Filipinos on the Philippine drug war.' (The latter will be presented by Vlad Licudine at a public seminar at the SWS Knowledge Center on Oct.
The next ISQOLS conference will be in Hong Kong, on June 14-16, 2018, at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
At the 2006 ISQOLS conference, SWS reported that economic and social wellbeing were in a poor state, and that public satisfaction with governance was at a historical low.
By nature, we members of Isqols are sensitive to the plight of indigenous peoples, who are typically left behind.
The causeway for motor vehicles goes only up to Piazzale Roma, from which it would supposedly take only 10 minutes, crossing two footbridges, for us to walk to our two-star hotel, one of those recommended by the 2012 conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS), held in Venice on Nov.
When I phoned the ISQOLS president (who is from Florence) about the problem, she said not to worry; she was also marooned in her hotel, but the tide would go down in the afternoon, and the program would only start at 3 p.m.
The 240 participants of the ISQOLS conference found their work reaffirmed by two very important international meetings earlier this year.
The other 2012 meeting of great relevance to ISQOLS was the OECD World Forum, "Measuring Well-Being for Development and Policy-Making," held in New Delhi on Oct.