ISQSInformation Systems and Quantitative Sciences (various universities)
ISQSInternational Colloquium on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries
ISQSInteractive Semi-Qualitative Simulation (computer simulation)
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A multiple linear regression was used to correlate the outcome of mechanical pushout force with the predictor variables (screw torque, fixation distance, resonance frequency ISQ, interaction between resonance frequency and screw torque, and distance from Smartpeg).
For verification of the linear reduction in resonance frequency ISQ values with increasing distance from the Smartpeg, a second model was fitted and distance was included in the model as dummy variables (Table 3).
The majority of the data points collected in the model occurred at higher ISQ values (37/45), which is a trend also noted in previous dental applications [48].
However, a positive correlation between ISQ values and screw torque has been previously reported in an in vitro model and demonstrates the consistency of our model with previous studies [60].
The relationship determined in this study demonstrated a strong positive correlation between resonance frequency ISQ values and mechanical pushout forces but requires in vitro cadaveric validation and in vivo experimentation in long bones to monitor the degree of osseointegration over time with biomechanical testing.
The relationship between resonance frequency ISQ values and the force required for implant removal in a nonuniform bone-implant interface model had not been evaluated before this investigation.