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ISRIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ISRInterrupt Service Routine (assembly programming)
ISRInstitute for Systems Research (University of Maryland)
ISRInstitute for Social Research
ISRInstitute for Software Research (University of California, Irvine)
ISRInternational Socialist Review (US leftist journal)
ISRInvestissement Socialement Responsable (French: Socially Responsible Investment)
ISRInfant Swimming Resource (Winter Park, FL)
ISRInformation Systems Research (MIS journal)
ISRIn Situ Recovery (mining process)
ISRIn Stent Restenosis
ISRInside Sales Representative (HP)
ISRIncoherent Scatter Radar
ISRIntersecting Storage Rings (at CERN)
ISRInduced Systemic Resistance (plant biology)
ISRInstrument Science Report
ISRInternational Society of Radiology
ISRIntermediate Session Routing (IBM)
ISRInstallation Status Report
ISRInternational Simple Resale
ISRInformation Services and Resources
ISRInternational Survey Research
ISRInstitute of Surgical Research (University of Munich, Germany)
ISRInternational Statistical Review
ISRIndustrial Special Risks
ISRIndividual School Range (head teacher salary scale; UK)
ISRIndependent Shifting Rod (Lamborghini transmission)
ISRIncurred Sample Reanalysis
ISRInternet Suspend Resume
ISRInjection Site Reaction
ISRInformation Systems Resources
ISRInstitute for Scientific Research, Inc
ISRInstitute for Surgical Research (Brooke Army Medical Center, TX, Medical Research Materiel Command, US Army)
ISRInterrupt Service Register
ISRIntegrated Switching Regulator (Electronics)
ISRInitial Service Release
ISRInternal Service Request
ISRIndividualised Student Record (UK)
ISRInformation Storage & Retrieval
ISRIndirect Source Review
ISRIntra Squad Radio
ISRImmediate System Recovery (Raxco)
ISRImplementation Status Report
ISRIntegrated Switch Router
ISRIn-Service Repair
ISRInland Slope Rebels (Riverside, CA)
ISRIndustrial Security Regulation (DOD 5220.22-R)
ISRInstitute for Safety Research and Reactor Technology
ISRInstitute of Snow Research
ISRIn Service Review
ISRInfrared Scanning Radiometer
ISRIn School Restriction (punishment)
ISRIndependent Science Review
ISRIn-Service Recruiter
ISRIntegrated SONET Router (Cisco)
ISRIndependent Safety Review
ISRIdentification Safety Range
ISRInterference Subspace Rejection
ISRIntermediate Stress Relief
ISRInterim Systems Review
ISRInventory/Sales Ratio
ISRIndependent Sufficiency Review
ISRInterviewer Severity Rating
ISRIntelligence, Sensors, Reconnaissance
ISRImmediate Spray Reroute
ISRIndividual Soldier Radio
ISRInformation Services Request
ISRInput Storage Receiver
ISRInspection/Surveillance Report
ISRIntegrated Switch Router Technical Specification
ISRInitial Services Requirements (Sprint)
ISRInstructional System Review
ISRInvestment Strategy Review
ISRInitial Source Requisition
ISRInstitutional Supporting Research
ISRInformation Source Repository
ISRIntegrated Service Request (Sprint PCS)
ISRInternal State Reversion
ISRIngénieur Sûreté Radioprotection (French: Radiation Safety Engineer)
ISRIndustry Sponsored Research (various organizations)
ISRInverter Spike Resistant (magnet wire insulation)
ISRIncome Sensitive Repayment (Federal Family Education Loan Program)
ISRInvestigator-Sponsored Research (medical research)
ISRInternational Shipping Register (various locations)
ISRIndie Spinner Rack (talk show)
ISRIn Soviet Russia (gaming)
ISRInformation Science Reference (publishing imprint)
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Sergeant Smith is relieved that his next assignment will be at the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) and will return him to a more traditional ISR assignment.
Further research using biological assays is needed to characterize the virulence of strains identified by ISR as being potentially new strains of concern to either human or animal health.
Airborne ISR assets will be critical to countering both asymmetric and conventional warfare threat environments as global militaries adjust to the shifting battle-space paradigms of net-centricity, cyber-warfare and electronic warfare," noted Asif Anwar, Director of the ADS service.
While a lack of analytic and collection resources contributed to ISR problems, it did not explain why the same issues persisted despite a massive infusion of ISR resources into Iraq and Afghanistan.
It is imperative for theater targeting organizations to remain connected and integrated with intelligence organizations because not all targeting ISR needs will be met by other intelligence functions.
Affecting ISR efforts even further, division G-2 and USF-I J-2 staffs are many times the size of an ESC G-2 section.
In the realm of organization, we first tackled an internal reorganization of Air Staff ISR in order to implement the capabilities-based resource management construct.
With fused sensor suites, including Electro-optical/Infrared and Active Electronically-Scanned Arrays, the Next Gen Bomber will provide global situational awareness on targets, threats, and blue forces for positive ID and nontraditional ISR capability.
The latter oversees such activities as plotting orders of battle, managing human intelligence teams, and coordinating ground-based ISR collection systems.
Report Details The Airborne ISR market is one which has seen significant investment in recent decades.