ISR1Interrupt Status Register 1
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The mean scores of the USA and ISR1 groups for State Responsibility for Welfare were over 4, thereby indicating a high level of support for the idea that the state should be responsible for welfare services for its citizens.
For Support for Selective and Universal Services, the findings show that the support of the ISR1 students for selective services was moderate but nevertheless higher than that of the two other groups.
These indicated that a significant change occurred over time among members of the ISR1 group only with support for selective services decreasing to a less than moderate level, F(1, 69)=8.
In the ISR1 group, significant changes over time were observed and took the form of a drop in personal willingness to finance the welfare state, a decrease in support for selective welfare services, and an increase in their support for universal services.
Among the other Israeli group, ISR1, change occurred primarily in their attitudes toward types of welfare services.
The Arabidopsis ISR1 locus controlling rhizobacteria-mediated induced systemic resistance is involved in ethylene signaling.