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IVSIntelligent Vehicles Symposium
IVSIntravenous Sedation
IVSIntelligent Video Surveillance
IVSIntervening Sequence (genetics)
IVSIntervocative Software LLC
IVSIntelligent Vehicle System (engineering)
IVSIndus Valley School of Art and Architecture (Pakistan)
IVSInternational VLBI Service (for Geodesy and Astrometry)
IVSInternational Voluntary Service
IVSInteractive Visualization Systems
IVSin Vehicle System
IVSInstitut für Verteilte Systeme (Magdeburg University, Germany)
IVSIntegrated Video System
IVSInteractive Video Services
IVSIndependent Voltage Scaling
IVSISRA Vision Systems AG (Germany)
IVSIndependent Validation Solutions (Infosys)
IVSInternet Video Sharing
IVSIntegrated Video Services
IVSInteractive Videodisk System
IVSInvalidez, Vejez y Sobrevivencia (Spanish)
IVSIBM Verkabelungs System
IVSInter Ventricular Septum
IVSIsrael Vacuum Society
IVSIdle Validation Switch (automotive)
IVSIndustrial Vision Systems Ltd (Oxfordshire, UK)
IVSInduction-Variable Substitution (compiler optimization)
IVSIntegrated Voice Solutions, Inc.
IVSInternal Video Subsystem
IVSIntegrated Visualization System
IVSInertial Vertical Speed (aviation)
IVSIntelligence Value Survey (internet security)
IVSIntegrated Video Switcher
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BMW's factory in Dingolfing, Germany, where the 5-, 6- and 7-Series, as well as the M5 and M6 are built, is using technology provided by ISRA VISION Systems AG (www.isravision.com) to verify whether the proper brake calipers have been installed on the appropriate vehicle by looking at the contour of the caliper.
At ISRA Vision Systems AG, Darmstadt, Germany--which merged with Gainesville, GA-based NANOSystems in July 2003--detection of smaller web defects is handled through a new line of Surface Inspector (SI) products.