ISRAAIllinois State Resident Assistant Association
ISRAAIntegrated Statistical Reporting and Analysis Application (US DOJ)
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Beyond this technological success and the potential for advancing basic scientific knowledge, we expect to learn more about how the brain communicates with the immune system and how this biological cross-talk occurs at the molecular level in addition to exploring the paths where ISRAA is showing potential in preventing and treating a number of pathological states ranging from infectious diseases to neurodegenerative disorders and cancer.
We have generated two types of transgenic mice - in one type we have specifically knocked out ISRAA gene," Dr Fathallah said.
In the second type, we have tagged ISRAA by a fluorescent protein encoding gene and introduced changes in the animal genome in a way that allows us to selectively knock out the gene in a chosen part such as the brain or the spleen in which the connection between the nervous and the immune system was first observed.