ISRACIndividual Soldier Risk Assessment and Counseling (US Army)
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(66) This would include appointing an Independent Scientific Review Advisory Committee (ISRAC) to oversee standards for accreditation and certification of state crime labs, medical examiner offices, and forensic service providers.
The ISRAC and Scientific Review Panels for cases in which a death sentence is imposed were included in the legislation but not expressly funded.
(3) Flaws in trial and review processes were remediated in several ways: a system for the appointment of highly qualified defense lawyers was implemented; the defendant was offered the choice of a new and separate sentencing jury; special instructions on the reliability of human evidence were made available to trial judges; post-conviction review of physical and associative evidence by an ISRAC and mandatory appellate review of capital convictions were established; and an additional layer of review was imposed in the form of a Death-Penalty Review Commission.