ISRAEInternational Society of Restaurant Association Executives
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(3) Department of Rheumatology, Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon, Israe
We planned to stabilize his situation over several weeks and then operate but on Wednesday or Thursday after his hospitalization, he had a heart failure and died." Director of the Occupied Palestinian Territory Department in PHR -- Israe Ran Yaron saidl: 'This is a tragic case that could have been prevented if it were not for the DCO boycott.
"A strike may not have any economical effects on Israe,l but it is the tool we have to protest Israeli actions.
A number of scholars have sought to distance Ezekiel's anthropomorphic kabod from P's "abstract" kabod (e.g., Israe: Knohl, The Sanctuary of Silence: The Priestly Torah and the Holiness School [Minneapolis, 1995], 128-37).
Hundreds of Christians from the Gaza Strip crossed a heavily-armed checkpoint into Israe, clutching special permits enabling them to spend Christmas outside the Hamas-run territory.
ASAE member Gedalyahu Manor is associate professor of agricultural engineering at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Technion City, 32 000, Israe;, 972-4-8221529, fax 972-4-8295696,
As they crossed the Red Sea he wrote in his diary: "I can see where the Israe lites crossed the Red Sea.
ISRAE Lis already happy to postpone the publication of the new map, first due last December,and now President Bush is playing into the hands of those who insist he makes no room in his schedule for genuine attempts at peace.
Particularly the second of these two employs a number of very obscure gnomic questions / riddles posed by Saturn, a Chaldean prince, and answered by the king of Israe l.
(4) Israeli military analyst Deev Schiff summarized Gur's remarks as follows: "In South Lebanon we struck the civilian population consciously, because they deserved it...[T]he importance of Gur's remarks is the admission that the Israe li army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously...the army, he said, has never distinguished civilian [from military] targets...[but] purposely attacked civilian targets even when Israeli settlements had not been struck." (5)
Even the information in the Acts of the Apostles, that all who heard it were "cut to the heart", was for a whole group of people, whom Peter had actually addressed as representatives of the whole house of Israe l (Acts 2:36ff).
Here is one memorable passage from this letter in which Buber explained the essence of the Jews' relationship to the Land of Israe l: