ISRBIndeterminate Sentence Review Board (Olympia, WA; est. 1986)
ISRBInter-Services Research Bureau
ISRBIndependent Safety Review Board
ISRBIdaho Surveying and Rating Bureau, Inc. (Meridian, ID)
ISRBInternational Society of Rider Biomechanics (UK)
ISRBInformation Systems Requirements Board
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As outlined earlier, ISRB describes the situation whereby a person wishes to use the appearance of intending to kill himself or herself in order to attain some other end (for example to seek help, to punish others, or to receive attention) (Ashworth, 2001).
Therefore, indifferent attitudes towards death should be included within a nomenclature of suicide under the category 2,B,i),(2)--Other ISRB (see Figure 1).
251) If the ISRB finds the offender to be more likely than not to re-offend, then the prisoner is sentenced to another minimum term of no longer than two years.