ISRDInstitute for Sustainable Regional Development (Australia)
ISRDInstitute for Small and Rural Districts (Florida, USA)
ISRDIntegrated Sustainable Rural Development (South Africa)
ISRDIn Service Reliability Demonstration
ISRDInternational Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry
ISRDInstitutional Supporting Research and Development
ISRDIntelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Division
ISRDInternational Scale of River Difficulty (American Canoe Association)
ISRDInformation Systems Requirements Document
ISRDInternational Self-Report Delinquency Questionnaire Study (criminology)
ISRDInstructional Systems Research and Development (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
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Previously, RFIs were sent to the ISRD for processing and prioritization.
It is often easier to task a CAS asset through the ASOC to support a short-notice operation than it is to prove to the ISRD that the raid in progress is a higher priority than servicing the ISR deck.
The UA can either self-designate the target, or another cell such as the ISRD or a JTAC, using a program called the Precision Strike Suite for Special Operations Forces, can pull mensurated or "sweetened" coordinates for precision-guided munition (PGM) engagement.
a) The offence repertory was selected from the ISRD questions by analyzing the Finnish (Helsinki-based) ISRD sample of 1992.
The JSpOC's ISRD assists exercise-scenario development for Strategic Command.
Two assessment information requirements Information Required Source Number of EW/GCI radars in critical areas ISRD Number of destroyed EW/GCI radars radars in critical areas ISRD
Although ISRD remains modest in relative size (13% of gross premiums