ISRFInterstellar Radiation Field
ISRFIndependent Social Research Foundation (UK)
ISRFIndia Science and Research Fellowship
ISRFInternational Student Research Forum (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
ISRFIrish South Road Federation (Ireland)
ISRFInformation Systems Research Forum (UK)
ISRFInternational Squash Rackets Federation (est. 1967)
ISRFInfrastructure State Revolving Fund (California)
ISRFInternet Screenphone Reference Forum
ISRFInternational Sugar Research Foundation
ISRFInternational Special Committee on Radio Interface
ISRFInfra Solitary Reticular Formation
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Four years later, though, an ISRF report interpreted the near-finished project's findings, according to the new study: Rats with conventional microbiomes fed a high-sugar diet had elevated serum triglyceride levels, "suggesting the triglycerides were formed from fatty acids produced in the small intestine by the fermentation of sucrose."
In other words, the ISRF was saying, a high-sugar diet may have impacted the rats microbiomes and raised their triglycerides.
The strength of PAH line emission is also related to the interstellar radiation field (ISRF), which is typically normalized to the measurements of Habing (an alternately used normalization is that of Draine [170]) [171] from which the energy density of the ISRF is 1.6 x [10.sup.-3] erg [cm.sup.-2][s.sup.-1].
In spite of the global trends illustrated in Figure 9 the relationship between PAH emission and the ISRF in individual objects is heavily dependent on local conditions and can vary by a significant degree within a source.
Certainly the emerging impression is that those regions of lower density where the ISRF is high provide the most promising environments for detecting anomalous microwave emission.
Not long after, Hickson left the ISRF to work for the Cigar Research Council.
In 1967, the Sugar Association's research division began considering "the rising tide of implications of sucrose in atherosclerosis." Before long, according to a confidential 1970 review of industry-funded studies, the newly formed ISRF was spending 10 percent of its research budget on the link between diet and heart disease.
In what would become a pattern, the ISRF opted not to follow his advice.
The systems are loaded with various software applications such as SOCET GXP, mIRC, and ISRF. The four desktops are linked to other GEOINT computers via a SIPR Intranet which allows for the FTP of shape files to include Forensic and Real-Time GMTI.
Forensic GMTI Analysts use MITRE Corporation's freeware ISRF tool for analysis visualization that supports forensics data exploitation.
According to ISRF, "Tests indicate consumers increasingly want products such as shortbread cookies sweetened until there is about 35% sugar in the finished cookie.
The industry "pioneered and persevered," the ISRF boasts, "in the program of research that so quickly catalyzed the events leading to banning the product."