ISRPInstitut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice (French: Higher Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation)
ISRPInternational Society for Respiratory Protection
ISRPInternational Staging and Re-design Professional (home staging)
ISRPInventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking (software)
ISRPInternal Surface Reverse Phase
ISRPIntegrated Submission and Remittance Processing (System)
ISRPInstitutional Society of Risk Professionals (est. 2011)
ISRPInternational Space Research Park (NASA)
ISRPInstitute for the Study of Religion in Politics
ISRPInteroperability Senior Review
ISRPInternational Society of Realist Painters
ISRPInteractive Story Role Play
ISRPInformation Systems Rules Panel (Bellcore)
ISRPIn-Service Readiness Process/Plan/Procedure
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Budget reductions have also cut into the college's ability to send students overseas to conduct on-the-ground field research for their year-long capstone strategy projects, the ISRP. While the students do extensive research and analysis for their strategy projects stateside, conducting research on the ground overseas is critical because, as former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has stated, you travel "because you just have to see and hear some things in person to understand them fully." (17) The college groups the students into small research teams (8 to 11 students), each focused on one of 16 to 20 strategically important countries selected by the college.
Socialist republicanism ('social republicanism' is the term favoured by some historians) and left-republicanism are far from neglected topics in Irish historiography, but the focus has been largely on James Connolly and the ISRP or on leftist IRA and ex-IRA activists in the late 1920s and early 1930s: Saor Eire and the Republican Congress have received considerable attention.
The ISRP investigators--22 scientists representing the university's Colleges of Public Health, Medicine, Engineering and Pharmacy - measure sources, transport and environmental exposure of PCBs, their impact on animals and humans, and novel methods of clean-up, including the use of plants to remove PCBs from soil, groundwater and air.
THE IRISH SOCIALIST REPUBLICAN Party (ISRP) was founded in 1896 by a handful of political activists, most notably the brilliant trade union militant and Marxist theoretician James Connolly.
When necessary, the ITP may nominate programs for inclusion on the Interoperability Watch List (IWL) of the Interoperability Senior Review Panel (ISRP) established in DoD Instruction 4630.8.
Multidimensional high-performance liquid chromatography on Pinkerton ISRP and RP18 columns: direct serum injection to quantify creatinine.
It includes a Check In/Out function, ISRP and offers bar code data collection on a portable data terminal with a Windows-based inventory management program on a host PC.
$16 plus $3 s&h, from ISRP Press, 379 Turkey Hill Road, Ithaca, NY 14850.
The audio recording of Maulana Fazl Ullah was disclosed to the media persons during the ISRP briefing on Malakand situation here on Tuesday.
To further elaborate one needs to go into some details of the conceptual content of this general Islamic science Research Program (ISRP).