ISSCCInternational Solid-State Circuits Conference (IEEE)
ISSCCInternational Student Services Center Corporation Limited
ISSCCIn Situ Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer)
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Earlier this month Ericsson and IBM were named as the ISSCC (International Solid State Circuit Conference) 2017 Lewis Winner for a research breakthrough unveiled in February 2017.
Sub-mW all-digital PLL presented at ISSCC Courtesy of imec
Building on the transmitter presented at ISSCC, the organization now has developed a receiver fully integrated with the transmitter chip.
9 GHz Mobile Radio Telephone Application," ISSCC, 1994.
et al, "A DSL Customer-Premise Equipment Modem SoC with Extended Reach/Rate for Broadband Bridging and Routing," ISSCC 2004, Paper 18.
Gill recently won a 2012 ISSCC outstanding paper award and has several issued patents in computational sensing.
Manganaro served on the technical sub-committee for data converters of the ISSCC for seven consecutive years.
He has also received several "Best Paper" awards at ISSCC and CICC, and is a Packard Foundation Fellowship recipient.
GRENOBLE, France -- CEA-Leti researchers and their partners will report on projects that address fundamental challenges facing next-generation computing, medical diagnosis, communications, and portable electronics at ISSCC 2011, Feb.
This disconnects power to an inactive core, helping to reduce overall power consumption and extending the battery life of laptops, according to an AMD paper presented at ISSCC.
The winners will present their designs through a poster at ISSCC 2011 and DAC 2011.