ISSCRInternational Society for Stem Cell Research
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Contact (for more on the ISSCR presentation):
International coordination of large-scale human induced pluripotent stem cell initiatives: Wellcome Trust and ISSCR workshops white paper.
Other instructive non-binding codes of practice or guidelines, referred to above, are those published by international bodies, such as the ISSCR and the Hinxton Group.
(21), (27) In this sense, information technology providers should partner with organizations such as ISSCR to monitor and remove content from suspect stem cell providers that fraudulently promote their services online.
(57) The guidelines of both the ISSCR and ISCBI stress the importance of international collaboration and harmonization in facilitating the progression of stem cell research.
For Professor Cedric Blanpain, researcher at Universite Libre de Bruxelles and 2012 winner of the ISSCR Prize awarded by the International Society for Stem Cell Research, the answer is yes'.
In response to these challenges, in 2008, International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) proposed an ethical guideline for clinical translational research.
The anniversary issue containing Sasai's study will be given to each delegate attending the 2012 ISSCR meeting in Yokohama, Japan.
Codifying the ISSCR Guidelines by Leveraging Principles from Model Treaties 1.
2008), media/documents/Aktuelles/Let_GermanBund estaglCSCN.pdf (considering the Stem Cell Act of 2002 and asking for an abolition of the cutoff date for the importation of hESCs) [hereinafter International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks]; Letter to German Government Supporting Changes to the Stem Cell Act, 2002, INT'L SOC'Y FOR STEM CELL RESEARCH, ISSCR (Mar.
The ISSCR is the International Society for Stem Cell Research, (13) so it is an international body, not of the U.S.
The ISSCR Guidelines warn against "disproportionately" recruiting economically disadvantaged women as donors.